Tuesday, January 13, 2009

who wants to get married?

today, montclair keep me company. laura and i filled our bellies with treats and went book hunting. i stayed for dinner with her family who then proceeded to play me old folk records for the next four hours. it was real heart-warming. i believe now, since i don't really have a family anymore, i value other families way more - holding higher value.
oh! and then laura's father told me like i looked like i'd love to have a big family in upstate new york. i thought about that comment for quite some time; i'm pretty sure i'll never have them and i'll keep thinking about why i look like i'd have babies. maybe i'm getting fat... ha probably.

but walking around in the cold for hours and then drinking ridiculous spicy ginger tea has made me extremely sleepy. and considering i have to meet al for breakfast in queens, i should try and get a few hours in. however, i got to snag billy and cate on the interweb, one of whom i barely see and the other is the jelly to my butter; and now goodnight blog.

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