Saturday, January 31, 2009

sideways/the company

sideways was okay, nice concept but mid-life focus. the company was much better especially since laura is extreme ballerina and she was the commentary for the whole movie. today is so insanely busy with proactive 'to-do's. thank goodness everything is checked off now. tonight, princeton at my lovely adriana's romanian birthday party.

it's a gift to have a friend who speak the same language.... with the exception of cate cause we have 3 languages going-on.

fingers crossed, i emailed my genetics professor about the research position. it's a unique new study on Caenorhabditis elegans and the process aging. i am clueless but it sounds intense, especially after that matt ridley book. it was open in december, so i'm be one lucky lady if i got in and after last night i feel like a rabbit's foot. i just ordered 'Proust was a Neuroscientist' by Jonah Lehrer so I am real excited to read that since comp lit. professor said it'd be up my alley if med school doesn't become a reality. it's at the intersection of literature & science just like Musil. i really need to hit the books again. But! if i don't document my life and if i die tomorrow - i'd have accomplished nothing. this way at least, nope... that was a very lame thought. i am procrastinating, no justification.

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