Friday, January 30, 2009


no seriously. so laura, john and i were walked to the video store and she finds 5 dollars on the street and then we continue walking and i find 20 dollars. we got into the store and i rent four movies with the twenty. then i had the genius idea to get eggs for the morning and to buy lottery tickets with each of our remaining 5 dollars. she buys 'shake them bones' because she knows i love creepy skeleton bone daddies. she scratch'em and she wins 10 dollars and i win 4 dollars. we take another round and we each win 4 dollars. we buy one more, it's a no-go. what a streaaaaaaaaaaaaak :) that's some wild luck.

now she's cracking an egg into a pot of pastina and we're going to watch sideways. i hope i see a monster tonight too!

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