Thursday, January 15, 2009

nyc pace.

i am exhausted. i, clearly, do not know how to pace myself.
i spent the last 30 hours in manhattan and i don't think i've ever juggled so many dates with friends. al and i got breakfast and had a lazy day at his apartment on 207th street. puma would not leave me alone with her talon claws - super playful. al got me into some awesome new tunes.
then, drew got out of his internship at 530 so we grabbed dinner at angelica's kitchen and it was the most delicious vegan food we had ever ordered. michael, our waiter, was a character; all my laughter made him real nervous. drew keep taking the first sips out of whatever i ordered for the remainder of the night. dave came and met up with us at mud for tasty coffee & cranberry cobbler. oh bog life. we went on and on about new hampshire artist colonies - i was in awe. drew scooped up Borges complete collection after we kept rehashing the subject over dinner and he bought me this aaaahmazing post modern lit novella/magazine; full of imaginary interviews and such. it kept me company.  homosexual, fashionista pseudo crustpunk man went on and on about how he loved my vampire coat and how he's going to try to make one out of fur. "LOVED IT." - had i listened to dave and stood by him i would have missed all these wonderful compliments. sup dick loving fellaz, chat me uppp. all and all i wonderful night - waking up ridiculously early to snow falling and blanket covers was real picturesque.

OH! most important thing. i saw the MTA employee's checking the tunnels with their heavy duty flashlights and i couldn't help but be totally emersed in what monster or dead thing could have been their seek & recover mission. i was thinking in a hellboy mindset. i was probably at a 45 degree angle with the platform. i knew nothing was going to happen but just the excitement of a possibility and all that cool gear got my imagination rived up.

we had cereal and avocados for breakfast and after i realized i've heard multiple times what i take what is being said in the worst possible way. first, i thought it was because i surrounded myself with sillier people. however, now i am doubting that is the case. i'm going to talk to cate about my thoughts on this later tonight - i think, i think that i take the english language in deeper context, or i put more important on words, than the people who are speaking to me. i do not like broad generalizations and categorizing people i enjoy into a collective. maybe it's a sensitivity i have? or a silly tick? i highly doubt i am that pessimistic - i just never want to feel common place. maybe i am just daffy in all this thinking, very very plausible.


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