Tuesday, January 27, 2009

in need of an explosion.

i desperately need to be studying at this currently moment but i have to explode for a second and organize it in some manner.  what is wrong with people faking their identities? how is it logical to lie in order gain integrity about your manufactured identity in the first place! this is infuriating. 

candido portinari - retirantes
commentary poverty - abstracted to devoid racial identities and embody universal conditions of human misery rather than radical problems - barnitz

here i am sitting in the basement of the art library spending hours learning about all the scuffling and confusion of Latin American national identities;  how the recalled this & that ancient indian cultures to find their own country's identity - thus the artists identity and the whirlpool-ing path of this synthesis of all these facts. i literally feel asleep on my couch sitting up with my textbook in hand and a highlighter in the other because of the mass of information & its confusing leads. >> however, it is always stated that there is confusion and transcendental debate of how to associate, "one day muletto, then it's indian, then it means this - no way - that was too superficial now this means that, etc". there i won't even get all the articles i had to read on the foundation of the European Union through contemporary historians/critics of the time and national identities were falsified and constantly being renamed & disputed. SO FRANKLY -
if whole continents can be so careful in categorizing their identities and making aims to progressive get closer to a real identity - why do you do the opposite?

vegetarian since eleven - get the fuck out of here; i had the misfortune to see you scruf down a chicken thigh in javamoon cafe 5 years ago when i third wheeled ryan kertis and your date. seriously, you have to be kidding me. april fools? come on, miss. if it's only been x amount of years say i. it's a life decision, but no, you add this ridiculous amount of years to increase your legitimacy - yet you are doing the biggest falsification of all. 

i understand the intelligent thing to do is be displacement and not regard it but this is horrible. if you have a gangrenous wound you don't just shrug it off, you cut of the limb or you treat it - least of all you open your mouth and you express how much it hurts; proactive expression.
considering that being 'proactive in my life' was one of my new year themes - i cannot shut up. you are an idiot - someone needs to say it.

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