Friday, June 26, 2009

babies eyes are much more dramatic.

my hours were in pediatrics this morning, left me with a lot of new thoughts. it's good human preventative medicine, well on the non-acute visits. i think i really liked it. especially since i'll never have children. hm, thoughts need to coalesce.

Monday, June 22, 2009

maggie may.

my mom is an amazing shirt-shrinker, even thought i still swim in it. it's like a body blanket. moving past all that, cate came over tonight :) we filled our brains with plans and out bellies with dairy-free mint choco chip. the air smelt like up and coming wonderfulness. i feel more at ease. now back to monosodium glutamate abstracts, fffff. cate, get home safe.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

black in new drinking glasses.

in all my 'ehs' with cate last night, the verbal detox has depressed me past sea level. i'm become so black in thought. yo, fuck. brainnnnnnnnn issues. i want to crawl into a bed that doesn't belong to me nor to anyone else, someplace that no one holds ownership. 

there are so many territories that i know i do not belong in. 
so i'll continue to lay down with beirut and my legs up - blood rush, suppress my thoughts until the awkward, awkward fathers' day dinner. i'll probably even up at another bar, sipping hot chocolate like last christmas eve.
 pity party for one.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

dear society,

integrity: world, please adopt it. i want to love you
and have you be good to me in return. i'll be the
hardest working bee amongst your children, please.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

chilean flash slap.

thoughts on eugenio dittborn occurred to me today.

"The airmail painting has been Dittborn's primary occupation since 1984. The works in this exhibition were executed on large sheets of cotton duck, then folded and sent in envelopes through the international mail system from his home in Santiago, Chile to New York. The envelopes are of his own design, and he provides relevant information on them, from an itinerary of a painting's travels to a description of the piece. The airmail envelopes are considered a key component of the work, and are always exhibited alongside the image. His pictures impart a clearly humanistic message, with undertones of skepticism and irony."

Monday, June 15, 2009

miss laura diaz...

made me dinner.

the bunny put me in bed,

and yes, for basically the whole weekend. my parents had to nurse me back to health. for the hours i wasn't in bed, i went to kwam's with cate and had ourselves  a delicious, outdoorsy, dino-fill,  fun-tastic time.

i suppose it was all the hours of resting and thinking in addition to the wounded-ness i was feeling from the allergic reaction, but i started thinking very much like a female; and that mindset is never good. next point, considering today is monday, it is day #1 of resisting stress.
my mom got me the book "the cortisol connection" and i am learning the specifics of how stress ruins your tissues and exhaust your endocrine system. i get overwhelmed too often and even though, it is justified, i need to find a healthy way to dispose of it. thus, day one. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

alexander alexandria.

alexander library then watched the fall and the little romanian girl was named alexandria. tarsem made it incredibly beautiful, 100% every shot. cinematographic cannot even be used here, brain explosion! concept and it's orientation, oh wow. dear cate, i will fingertickle your brain. also - the air smells great outside, right now - like fresh cut grass and jasmine/honeysuckles. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


this was my weekend.
it is thundering/raining insanely, not sure of venturing into it is worth neuroanatomy. i'm scared of both so why not a double whaaaaaammy. i miss cate & brittany & the polar bears, oh leisure.