Monday, June 15, 2009

the bunny put me in bed,

and yes, for basically the whole weekend. my parents had to nurse me back to health. for the hours i wasn't in bed, i went to kwam's with cate and had ourselves  a delicious, outdoorsy, dino-fill,  fun-tastic time.

i suppose it was all the hours of resting and thinking in addition to the wounded-ness i was feeling from the allergic reaction, but i started thinking very much like a female; and that mindset is never good. next point, considering today is monday, it is day #1 of resisting stress.
my mom got me the book "the cortisol connection" and i am learning the specifics of how stress ruins your tissues and exhaust your endocrine system. i get overwhelmed too often and even though, it is justified, i need to find a healthy way to dispose of it. thus, day one. 

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