Saturday, February 28, 2009


dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn, then back up, again.

Friday, February 27, 2009


wildly busy, non sleepful week. details would take too long and it's all school mambo jumbo. i cloned today! mehul wants me to consider an MD/PhD... things to think over. i mean i still have to agree to doing a senior thesis next year. cate & friends tomorrow :) plus AMSA conference


Sunday, February 22, 2009

worst, worst, worst.

WORST EXAM EVER. that shit was no joke in spanish!
what's the point? really. reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally.

introvert, exxxile.

today's the day, orgo stress will be over :) still have a med entomology midterm tomorrow night, which i need to start studying for. ugh. however, good music & good friends to keep my spirit up, kept in check. i wish i was in princeton with adriana, sipping in small world. i won't complain tho. life is treating me well, but i look forward to better and better days.

i kept the cardigan for myself and it wears beautifully, it's ridiculous how much better i feel. the brown wool blend fits my wood creature playlist too. :) back to studying.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

comes the wizard.

my body hates me these past few days.

dear cate and jake,
come watch igor with me late tonight before i go to sleep.
make me feel human again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

midday, brain snack.

jillian just dropped some knowledge on me, i feel a lot better. miscommunication happens between everything in the universe.

oh i forgot, i got the best compliment today from this biochem grad student guy - "you think like a dali painting and i like hearing it". from human to human - sexes aside - it really made me feel happy. i think i need to simplify everything in asexual terms because i do better that way.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


intense breakfast muffin at smallworld, jam surprise!

so today was comprised of the princeton engineering library, all day. just got home and realized i got a wonderful amount of work done! which i still have an avalanche more to do. damn sunday exam. okay, back to studying and maybe getting dinner with laura & john.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i don't know how my body,

..says up for 5 days on sleep a normal person gets in one night. oh right! it says up BUT it manifests its anger in acne & fat deposits, i gooootcha. ha, anyways - long lab days.

check out my males, i should be lysing them soon.
:/ i need the genes.

this was yesterday.

laura was babysitting jillan's, her last semester professor and who is also taking me to see the kills in may aka coolest lady ever, daughter, masayah, and she joined us in lecture. she was reading coraline by mr. gaimen, i won't lie kinda melted my 'i never want babies' heart. my friends better produce just as cool of children so i can get them into awesome gothic things. my orgo exam is sunday, and we're been in & out of studying - which i should be doing now... but my brain is wandering. i have tonight and all day tomorrow to practice the mechanisms. adriana and i are going to the princeton library she works at super early tomorrow. we'll be getting breakfast and studying all tomorrow on that gorgeous gothic campus ;) body stay with me, and behave.

Monday, February 16, 2009

sure soil.

i'm sleepy but anchored in my reading. presenting in an hour. i wish i wasn't and could just read all day. SUP DAY EYES, imma so tired.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

they're gonna eat me alive, if i stumble.

adriana read me some junto diaz until i fell asleep. after a serious 5 hour nap, i feel much better. still lightheaded, but i need to start/finish my presentation for tomorrows 950 am class.

to simplify it, it's on these 3 gentlemen.


this is very strange. i am very lightheaded and my brain feels like it is silently scream, like a ringing in my ears. i ate & i slept, but i feel like i'm going to pass out. i wish i didn't leave my apartment this morning. i have so much studying to get accomplished today.

again, this is highly unusual. now my eyes are tearing and i feel like a big jerk in the library. everyone's going to think someone broke up with me. i don't feel panic-ed or nervous about anything yet my body feel like it's going to have a panic attack. i'm shaking. why isn't my computer a doctor or my mother? fix me. i'm going to put my head down. fuck. i hope it's just that time of the month. i'd rather be dead then feel like this... it's the feeling after you throw up and you dry heave after. fuck. i'm going to put my head down.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


we won cranium.......... stoner.


"i got feathers on my head, but i ain't no bird brain."
cate & i library-ing 'til 6 then we're heading to a romantic
double date with john & adriana. i'm not gay, i just love cate.

ps. best flaxseed, carrot, apple muffins were made last night!

Friday, February 13, 2009


i got the lab position! i wish i had more time or a functional brain to express how happy i am, but i don't have either. basically, i microscope and petri dish for hours at a time - monday, wednesday, friday. i'm already only sleeping 4 hours a night, so i'm not sure how its going to function. music is the only thing that keeps me living. cate's coming over in a little, i need to pull up the vegan pound cake recipe and shower.

i'm making cate breakfast in bed for valentines and then making love to my organic chem flashcards. first exams the 22nd, god help me. 

a lot more happened this week but like i said i don't have the head for this right now. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i just came home to this!

john ordered it from the interweb. it is suuuuuuper super delicious and has a really witty write up. after a long day and so much walking, it is wonderful to sit down with a truly amazing cup of coffee. i must study and continue looking haggard. i will shower tomorrow, mama ostafi's birthday dinner & my genetics interview require it. studying doesn't.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chagas or Loaloa?

i have to hand in my term paper topic for medical entomology tomorrow. i think a disease brought on by the kissssssssssing bug fits me. a bug who kisses lips, drinks blood, and poops on faces.
plus, he's a little qt.


or should i do the loaloa eye worm? to fit in with the romantic moment, it could be the apple of your eye. ha! get it. oh jez, i need to start taking naps.

hold on, can we talk about this?

wilfredo lam, let me crawl into your brain. i can't get over it.


recap: learn about some aromatic compounds and their derivatives, blah blah - but do i really get it? no. adriana and i walked to get indian okra after the library closed. it was deliciously mild tho, a down side. the conversation woooonderful! i ran into rottman and zach after the awkwardness of receiving a text from zach and thinking it was anna replied that 'i'd love to see her beautiful face' yeah? i know, i don't use my brain sometimes. but i always put couples under the girl's name and basically, i don't know how to read. anyWHO, i saw the old guy from my entomology class last semester in sanctuary. i got a banana flavored coffee and an awkward "hi, bug class right?" oh awkward people, being friendly isn't that hard.

i wish i had something interestingly witty to say, but i have a lot more latin american art manifestos to read and memorize. i spoiled my body 7-8 hours of sleep these past 2 days... it's back to trying to stay on top of my work and stop watching the pianist

Saturday, February 7, 2009


i need to live in this sort of world. i'm going to make this perspective life as real as i can. cate, we're going on a trip! i love this tomcat.

hands down, best imagery i've ever seen. go see it! it took'em 5+ years, support their gorgeous effort. you'll love it, i promise, cross my heart.

i ended my night next to cate snuggled up, sweet potatoes & coffee in my belly, listening to willie wonka and texting a certain birthday boy. i wasn't too productive but a bee needs some kind of sleep.

now onto the library time! i made john pancakes his morning, so now he's driving me. walking isn't that enjoyable in this cold air.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

dear cate, i really miss you and really been a nonsensical discussion with you about your philosophy class and the book i am reading. how can we make friday come fast? i am starving for your treats :^) god broke my car as a firm backhand to keep me from coming and seeing you today. patience? i just want to feel wonderful all the time, peaking higher & higher. caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!

i realized today from this picture taken at adriana's birthday party that i always am laughing. even in the background and i feel like i laugh at inappropriate times and society wouldn't deem it as a positive reaction. i think i might do it out of awkwardness or out of stupidity. cate - robert musil is really mind fucking me. come speak to me!

but in this silence, i will walk to the library :(

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

amazing day with a cherry topped panic-stricken 2 hours.

so i just spent the last past 2 hour being hysteric and balling my eyes out - all over my dumb mini. she's supposed to be a nice car but what a headache. she's not even that old, she only 4 years old and apparently a lemon. so i cried cause john yelled at me for yelling at him. but he made me coffee afterwards and apologized. i apologized too cause i was being a serious cunt. dave called and it calmed me down a lot. i really cannot wait until he's come again. i ate a zucchini muffin cause john accidently throw out my couscous (why i initially yelled). i feel a lot better.

i started my day with lab at 8 am and didn't finish until 845 pm with another lab. who knew odonata larva would be this diFficult? today was a good day, busy is good. the snow was gorgeous until it made gremlins crawl into my car.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

i planned to write a lot more; however, this cough is ridiculous right now. i had a darling sunday with cate, brittany, and robert musil. i snuggled up with my little man for the entire first half of the day. i really do need to find a place where he can come live with me. daveeeey baby.