Tuesday, February 3, 2009

amazing day with a cherry topped panic-stricken 2 hours.

so i just spent the last past 2 hour being hysteric and balling my eyes out - all over my dumb mini. she's supposed to be a nice car but what a headache. she's not even that old, she only 4 years old and apparently a lemon. so i cried cause john yelled at me for yelling at him. but he made me coffee afterwards and apologized. i apologized too cause i was being a serious cunt. dave called and it calmed me down a lot. i really cannot wait until he's come again. i ate a zucchini muffin cause john accidently throw out my couscous (why i initially yelled). i feel a lot better.

i started my day with lab at 8 am and didn't finish until 845 pm with another lab. who knew odonata larva would be this diFficult? today was a good day, busy is good. the snow was gorgeous until it made gremlins crawl into my car.

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