Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i don't know how my body,

..says up for 5 days on sleep a normal person gets in one night. oh right! it says up BUT it manifests its anger in acne & fat deposits, i gooootcha. ha, anyways - long lab days.

check out my males, i should be lysing them soon.
:/ i need the genes.

this was yesterday.

laura was babysitting jillan's, her last semester professor and who is also taking me to see the kills in may aka coolest lady ever, daughter, masayah, and she joined us in lecture. she was reading coraline by mr. gaimen, i won't lie kinda melted my 'i never want babies' heart. my friends better produce just as cool of children so i can get them into awesome gothic things. my orgo exam is sunday, and we're been in & out of studying - which i should be doing now... but my brain is wandering. i have tonight and all day tomorrow to practice the mechanisms. adriana and i are going to the princeton library she works at super early tomorrow. we'll be getting breakfast and studying all tomorrow on that gorgeous gothic campus ;) body stay with me, and behave.

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