Wednesday, February 4, 2009

dear cate, i really miss you and really been a nonsensical discussion with you about your philosophy class and the book i am reading. how can we make friday come fast? i am starving for your treats :^) god broke my car as a firm backhand to keep me from coming and seeing you today. patience? i just want to feel wonderful all the time, peaking higher & higher. caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!

i realized today from this picture taken at adriana's birthday party that i always am laughing. even in the background and i feel like i laugh at inappropriate times and society wouldn't deem it as a positive reaction. i think i might do it out of awkwardness or out of stupidity. cate - robert musil is really mind fucking me. come speak to me!

but in this silence, i will walk to the library :(

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    I have class until 8:45 or I would up there right now! I wish my phone wasn't an idiot either so I could at least call you!