Sunday, February 8, 2009


recap: learn about some aromatic compounds and their derivatives, blah blah - but do i really get it? no. adriana and i walked to get indian okra after the library closed. it was deliciously mild tho, a down side. the conversation woooonderful! i ran into rottman and zach after the awkwardness of receiving a text from zach and thinking it was anna replied that 'i'd love to see her beautiful face' yeah? i know, i don't use my brain sometimes. but i always put couples under the girl's name and basically, i don't know how to read. anyWHO, i saw the old guy from my entomology class last semester in sanctuary. i got a banana flavored coffee and an awkward "hi, bug class right?" oh awkward people, being friendly isn't that hard.

i wish i had something interestingly witty to say, but i have a lot more latin american art manifestos to read and memorize. i spoiled my body 7-8 hours of sleep these past 2 days... it's back to trying to stay on top of my work and stop watching the pianist

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