Sunday, January 25, 2009

a fun/weird saturday.

saturday comprised of morning blueberry pancakes, a whole lot of walking, a whole lot of sass on my part (worst mood for no explicable reason), cupcakes of jake's 22nd, and a nice nap. jake's was fun but in a real weird sense. pat was a riot but not enjoying coffee with my treats was quite the opposite. cleary was being an idiot, i'm glad we once were such good friends - real glad. i wanted to go home after the first hour but then kwame came and everything got fun. i ate so many of his vegan carrot cake cupcakes (six), which did not let the extra fifteen pounds i've put on since i'm trying to stop this on/off relationship with bulimia. i'll figure it out

friday was much more fun, lief came over and joined in on the hours of cranium. 

however, now that my mood is in a better state  i desperately need to study. sorry to everyone i've been dodging - i am not as intelligent as these classes need me to be, 18 credits + genetics lab + entomology lab. i really do not have any time. i'mma get to studybugging.

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