Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new "things".

far too many times i've found myself turning to cate telling her to blog about weird things. in honor of my new storkly-delivered macbook - here's to a new thing, this blog thing.  twelve days in 2009 and i have acquired so many new things. my mom bought home a new borzoi pup, (so my mom has a house comprised of more dogs than people), new adventures stories, new resolutions, new books, and a fresh mindset. self imposed ramble ramble and i can't take myself seriously through words, so here you go.
dinner of coffee and treats before it was spit up everywhere :^)

montclair is on the to-do list for tomorrow. lunch, vegan treats, and some joyce, musil, and svevo spines. i hope i can gather them rapidly. and on another train of thought, cate and i have gotten so disgusting close that similar events have been happening to us independently. our lives run parallel. i cannot even begin to make a rational composition of how thankful i am to have such an amazing petite amie. real fun life, recently.

oh! and also recently i've been toying with the idea of sheep farms; newfound love for those creatures and wool. it's a silly obsession but a goal none the less - have a farm house full of sheep in some years.


  1. One time, I had a sheep.

    His name was Treehead. At age 3 the only thing I knew about that grew were trees. Therefore, the horns growing out of his head were obviously trees.

  2. treehead! so logical. sheep farm with me? schedule it in: spring 2019.

  3. Ok, but all sheep must be named using the same formula as Treehead.

    thing that grows from ground + head

    i.e. - flowerhead, weedhead, bushhead, etc.

  4. PLEASE! don't tease me on this. i'd like an alfalfahead too.
    and more treats!