Monday, October 12, 2009


i tried to youtube the last 2 minutes of hour of the wolf, but i found this instead. it does run parallel to some past (very far back) psychosomatic feelings. i just didn't want to lose this train of thought.

i couldn't find a clip, and her dialogue was so moving that i transcribed it.
"well, there is one thing i've wondered. are you in a hurry? i'd like to ask you something. it's like this. isn't it true that when a woman has lived a long time with a man... isn't it true she finally becomes like that man? since she loves him and tries to think like him and see like him. they say that it can change a person. was that why i began to see those ghosts? or were they there anyway? i mean, if i'd loved him less and not bothered about everything then? or was it that i didn't love him enough that made me so jealous? was that why those 'cannibals' as he called them.. was that why we came to such grief? i thought i was so close to him. sometimes he said he was also close to me. one time he said it with certainty. if only i could have followed him, all the time. there's so much to keep pondering... so many questions, sometimes i don't know which way is which, and i get completely..."

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