Monday, October 5, 2009

duet : adolph gottlieb.

as i walked away from my last exam (3 in the last 16 hours and one friday) and while heavy in conversation with matt about artists statements, a mind seed was spontaneously conceived. its contents carried over onto paper and it started to grow there after. key clicks aren't very nourishing for the dimensions of this. i do believe its been shaking inside of me since cate and i's brooklyn saturday but my exam preparation muffled it out. i am surprised it pushed through all the pressure. pressure building up from my thigh as well. now, everything seems to be equilibrating. i haven't been this excited in some time, oh foxy.
condensed vision: radioactivity of carbon-13 and its metaphoric power and mid-western medical schools. i think i really found my tree, my branch, my perfect little nest. i thought of all my favorite things and came up with placement for the cream on top.
amanda iss supposed to come over and turn me into the natural brunette, which i haven't been in years; my attempt to getting to my core. i was planning to pay her in squash goodness, but it is already 6:28. squash gratin for lunches to come. dinner for one, my usual.
my stomach is grumbling. i suppose this is how my stomach responds to it's real first day of school stress freedom. oh - since i've been at laura's for the past two days, i've become very close friends with 'smart dogs'? freakish and phallic looking, but a delicious meal. i'm usually anti-fake meat or any vegetable that looks like it, however: one dog kept me filled for 5 hours, kale can't do that for me.

i just got an email about a summer mammalian research position in chile?

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