Thursday, January 28, 2010


i gave and i received today.
i've been thinking about it and it's a wild thought to know that i have no contact with my blood after it's taken away from me. however it, then, belongs to someone else. is it unconditional love because of the the not knowing, no pre-existing conditions of the exchange? i received an intense amount of priceless, first hand reviews of a building in princeton. i need to think, but i really need to sleep. goodnight little girl trapped inside me. i will start taking care of you. i do believe i can only offer unconditional love to strangers and acquiescences. it's really hurtful to acknowledge that. (skipping all the self festering) blahblahblah by ke$ha was talked about in radigals tonight. i danced.
on this is what my arm looks like now. it looks worse in person.