Wednesday, January 20, 2010

beautiful heads, but no brains.

belles tetes, mais de cervelle point
honore daumier
i already feel
a black cloud
i thought
don't want
and don't speak
i live and i see
eric bularer 1972
vserolod nikolaevich nekrasov
is married to
oleg tselkov
one enormous orphanhood
one enormous emptiness
yu. baltrushaitis
at the crossroads
i had to push a button
under a blue light
to the right
too make the
lumia aurora appear
this is for real
earl reiback
fox and bust
where is
valentia kropivnitskaia?
at the bottom of
five black coffees.
i write all day, feverously. at 11:08PM i only end with fragments of what i think, see and saw. he writes of importance and nuances. i write the mundane and incomprehensible.

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