Friday, January 1, 2010


bye 9.
hi 10.
cate was my new years kiss, then jonathan.

1. talk to dad every day

2. gluten-free lifestyle

3. make big dinner on sundays

4. quit licking the batter in the bowl

5 empower people or be like brian porbansky

[EDIT] 6. stop giving reasons, explaining my thoughts & action

porbansky styled new years means loving people, being nice, making strange faces, growing guts, vegan deliciousness and doing absurd things. i hope this is how 2010 will stay.


  1. #5 just made me laugh so hard.

    and i love all these pictures!!

  2. cate! i'm glad, and why didn't you correct my i into a y???!!! i feel like a doof.

  3. ooopz, I didn't even realize. I forgot those freaks are Czech and use a "y", unlike my beautiful Poles and their "i" endings.