Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i voted for daggett,

because i believe he stands the best. i felt he's more human than corzine and christie, who i think are the wooooorst. unfortunately, my parents don't agree and have been giving me pure verbal hell for thinking about it. i voted at 2:30pm. the outcome was a lie. i had to lie to them. i couldn't shallow any other belief than my own. i really do feel awful about it, especially cause i am on a whole 'take all the consequences of your actions no matter how shitty' attitude. but my parents are so delicate. what kind of world am i living in?

i hate how i wrote this.


  1. It reads as if you were speaking to me.

  2. don't you know that every post is directed to you? you should move in with us next summer. i'll make you happy and fat :)