Tuesday, November 10, 2009

owning my dreams.

[They’ve found that pigs are among the quickest of animals to learn a new routine, and pigs can do a circus’s worth of tricks: jump hoops, bow and stand, spin and make wordlike sounds on command, roll out rugs, herd sheep, close and open cages, play videogames with joysticks, and more. For better or worse, pigs are also slow to forget. “They can learn something on the first try, but then it’s difficult for them to unlearn it,” said Suzanne Held of the University of Bristol. “They may get scared once and then have trouble getting over it.”]

some people have remarked that my life goal of owing a farm would be silly and full of too many unpleasant things. i, however, will not be deterred. chickens, sheep, bees and pigs - all friends - no slaughter. eggs, wool and honey will be harvested with the upmost love. sorry cate, i know you'll be an old vegan when this becomes my reality.

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