Saturday, November 21, 2009

this morning's 7am breakfast:

and it has been the first time in 2 months i've read something non-school related. this wasn't a slightly erotic novel, but a very. every gallery we went to was addressing highly sexual context, one, eric fischl, had to do with bullfighting. i took a lot of pictures; particularly partly. they will be posted after this nap that will began in 5 minutes. i bought a mike kelley catalog, this 5 dollar coffee, and a 17 dollar round trip. i experienced the work of richard serra, mike kelley (le'duh), joseph beuys, robert motherwell!, steve gianakos, beth cavener stichter, bill viola, and a dozen more who didn't stick as much. and to add a current dimension, i miss 5 people, digit like.

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