Monday, March 16, 2009



"Curated by Jillian Hernandez
LANDMARKS features video and photography work by up-and-coming women artists that utilize nature as a performative space. Representations of female bodies in nature are conventionally informed by conceptions of "mother nature" and pastoral beauty. In the 1970s, feminist artists such as Mary Beth Edelson and Ana Mendieta made interventions into the depiction of women in nature in Western art history by articulating what they believed to be a uniquely "feminine", empowering connection to the natural world that had been suppressed in patriarchal societies. Women artists working today are asserting a more complex relationship between the body and nature by utilizing the landscape as a site of reinvention, play, survival, violence, and sexual expression. "

it's the only thing that's keeping a happy. nothing else good to say. i spent the weekend at my mom's in a bulimic stupor, really ridiculously disappointed in and at myself. i feel awful and would prefer to keep to myself for the rest of my break, just studying organic and drinking the only thing that helps, lemon water. i feel really abnormal; and i wish i didn't write any of this down, ffffffffffff. hjdgvhdgvhdvcircclecirclecirlle

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