Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pigeon post: 1

december 1st has the ball rolling: new boots, fresh laundry, antibiotics & inhalers, christmas cards, signed into a new kaplan program 1.03.10 with new mcat date 4.17.10, 3/4 christmas shopping done & out of my mailbox into my closet, rent mailed, letter mailed to 19146, netflix lost, a bag of oranges, and mucho concentration.

O! and sunday, i saw mr.fantastic fox with my little russian snowflake and my baltimore favorites.
and this is cate:

+three weeks, i'm going to be that happiest pup. design*sponge fanasties will do 'til then. now back to oxidative phosphorylation, tea and real life.


  1. Cate i was gonna when i asked " hey what are you tonight cate!" Where did cate get those cute shoes?

  2. oh no!! bummer!
    and I got them at Journey's when I worked there in high school. They are soo old (and smell terrible) and I always look for ones like them so they can be replaced.