Sunday, December 27, 2009

my grandfather is singing into the telephone,

every year i change, and i cannot wait for this one to start. i have purged 99% of negative head demons in the purely dysfunctional holmdel residence. i'm glad i can leave my mess here and go to my home renewed. i have until the 1st to get myself ordered. i put aside january's rent and it's going to be really tight until the semester starts. i have a lot of reading to do & weight to lose so i'm sure i won't even notice the small pockets of the month. my dad got my jung's redbook for a belated birthday present; i'm absorded.
he told me he's trying out his beard trimmer, i'm extremely nervous. fur? my grandma wants me to come to cluj. adria's playlist has miss tk & the revenge? i didn't see my mom since the 23rd? my mom finally came back from ac and tried to put liquor in my jasmine tea? the i watched gummo with adria? everything is in an illogical blender of a world.

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