Saturday, April 11, 2009

the journal of medical entomology.

as i sit here in douglass library polishing up my medical entomology paper on Chagas Disease, i curiously look up this word because i didn't feel i reeaaaaally knew its communicative implications. [side note: issues with effective communication have been dominating my mind because of all the readings on Conceptualism in Brazil/Venezuela in the 60-80s period. my mind is constantly fucked] anyways, so the word was...

 - is a scientific term referring to diseases or pathogens affecting only wild (sylvan means forest-dwelling) animals. In the context of animal research, its opposite is domestic, which refers to pets, farm animals or other animals which do not dwell in the wild.

it's in the context on my name, sylvatic as a synonym for silvan and if you step in a little closer, silvana. can this explain the instabilities i find in domestic/stable settings? do i crave it as something i was never meant to have? could it?

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