Wednesday, March 2, 2011


gnileefysuolysuolysyoly, and it looks like seriously.
or eel or oily, leefy, which sounds like flighty,
which again i know i am.
but i concentrate on the grim tank, cutting board,
evaporation, dry to the point of dissociation,
an even grimmer winter, and serious.
i remind myself that i l--- winter,
but again i cannot bare to handle that word
but bare, it has the wishing for bear.
impossible association because i am still institutionalized,
institutionalized still.

it looks and feels like a lousy, oily eel without a leaf
and its serious.

but again in clarification, an eel is not
deep fried and slice for the appetite.
an eel is found in the korean supermarket
as opposing the bowl of mudskippers,
both are dying,
in stark contrast, its the eel though.

[personal note: _______________.]


  1. do you need friendship again? I lost my job so I'm free twentyfourseven

  2. :( my thesis won't let me have any friends until march 31st but im just too miserable. i'll take you up on some of that 247ness