Thursday, March 4, 2010

absolute black.

wings, watches and glass// collars, conversations and spiders// this sound of keysmusically// haunt, mourn and man(he//all hes, [[not {fannie hesse or eva} wrong gendersex]) is a goodbye. a prayer. a quarter past a measurement. i see the face of ___ in yours, but when its cold out i behave like a dog. it doesn't matter who it is or i'd like to deceive myself. it matters, its a price. a string. forgetting is more of a question than a definitive action. or stop it, stop talking. you think does the word dream play against the phrase 'sounds like a dream' or 'a dream of mine'? dream isn't a positive, yet people give it that popular meaning. keep on running, 3 hours will exhausts all glycogen. could you consider that a ____? i wouldn't. there are so much more. casually confirming my fears. i take back, and i pack even more. what are hardbacks? give me an absolute quantification. i look around and sink deeper, lower, irretrievably and out of cast. trout fishing in america. farewell to the grounds(](?/.)). hold my head up. i'm always with you//even in my blood, it dies and cycles into life, pretty regularly.
don't put a finger, but he had five on, on, on, on and still on. what can you really do? can't i get a fucking reflection in you? while you're twisting, i'm still breathing. i wonder what keeps you so high, you need to be grounded, underground-ed. why do some people grow so tall? fuck. but i do like the dark minute when the sun drowns and i mouth it like i am in control, strangle yourself with illogical minnows. i'd eat animal flesh if it was so, but it's not so - not really. most everyone i know pretends (that projection) and i separate the todos and assume everyone does now. cracked glass, i feel the cold. you're careless like ____, absent theory of mind; hemo, wish upon never.

i need to pretend to be a catholic to undergo a confessional(light).


  1. you write terribly. I had to search to see whether I could use that adverb that way. anyways, I didn't mean it. lastly, I originally tried to post this around 5 but it didn't work. wamp wamp

  2. maybe if you wrote more, i could feel terrible from your writing. but you don't so i have to something, le'duh kwame.